Counteroffers and why you should not accept

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Before we go further let’s clarify the right perspective of a counteroffer.

A counteroffer is an inducement from your current employer to get you to stay after you’ve announced your intention to take another job. It doesn’t include instances when you receive an offer but don’t tell your boss, or when you tell your employer about an offer you never intended to take in a classic “they-want-me-but-I’m- staying-with-you” ploy.


What do you do if your employer beats a new job offer?

You have just accepted a position with another company and are in the process of turning in your notice. It was a difficult decision, and you thought long and hard about what path you would take. But you have decided to leave. Suddenly your current employer decides they can’t afford to lose you and counteroffers you. What do you do?


Consider the following before accepting a counteroffer:

  1. Your employer will no longer consider you part of that “inner circle” of his trusted confidants. If you have been flirting with other companies, then the trust is always going to be weakened. Your employer might say he’ll forget about the whole thing, but every visit to the dentist will be viewed with suspicion.
  2. Your manager’s effectiveness is judged by how well he keeps his staff happy and by how long he keeps his staff. He could be afraid that his competence as a leader will now be in question, which could damage his own chances for advancement.
  3. It’s easier to keep you with a counteroffer than replace you. The cost of recruiting and placing a qualified candidate can be significant.
  4. If you have to turn in your notice to a company just to get a raise and a promotion, then is that the type of company you really want to work for?
  5. They won’t respect you. They know that they are the ones who really call the shots in your career, not you. Well-managed companies rarely offer counteroffers to their staff. Instead, they treat them with the dignity and respect of an individual who has thought long and hard enough to take his career into his own hands.


It’s nice to be wooed back but don’t expect to stay long. Statistics show that in cases of counteroffers being accepted a staggering 80% of employees leave or are dismissed within 6 months of accepting the counteroffer.


In closing.


Decent and well-managed companies don’t make counteroffers. . .EVER! Their policies are fair and equitable. They will never be subjected to counteroffer coercion, which they perceive as blackmail.

If the urge to accept a counteroffer hits you, keep on cleaning out your desk as you count your blessings. And, if you decide to stay, hire a lawyer to put your newly won promises in contract.

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