Help in Deciding a Career Path

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Think About What Excites and Energizes You

This one’s the first obvious step—we all want to enjoy and actually like our careers. One of the mistakes most people make all too often is pursuing a career field where they feel they will obtain the most financial gain from without taking into consideration whether they will actually enjoy the career path they have chosen, this in most cases only leads to failure.

Keep in mind what you are good at

It’s all good having a dream career choice in mind, but we also have to be realistic when making our choice. If your dream is to be a mathematician and in reality you are terrible with numbers and figures, that might not be the ideal choice for you. Keep in mind what you are good at, and base your career choice off of that.

Take Personality Tests

When asked the question of what career field a person is wanting to take or what interests them or what they are good at, many people will turn around and say that they don’t actually know. There are many career personality tests online that can be of great use in deciding the first step in your career choice.

Find people who work in the field and ask them for their input

Once you have worked out which specific jobs interest you, speak to those already working in these areas. They should be able to give you good incite of the intricacies of the field they are in.


If you have flexibility when it comes to salary, an internship could be a great way to test out an industry or type of career. Even if it doesn’t turn into a job or you find out it’s the wrong career for you, an internship can help build your network—from which you can get career and job advice.

Make a Career Plan

As with most things, your career will benefit if you have goals and a plan for it. It is important to know the extent of the career path you have chosen and whether the stepping stones later down the path is still something you can see yourself wanting to do.

And lastly, KEEP POSITIVE!!

The most important thing is to maintain a positive outlook about your life and to be ready for change, difference and shifts in your comfort zones. One of the hardest things to do in life is to follow your dreams, but don’t give up for many times than not it all pays off in the end.

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