Top Signs of Work Stagnation

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Boredom at work

If you’re doing the same work each day and can effectively complete it in your sleep, then you need a new challenge. There’s nothing wrong with doing a job you’re good at, but there comes a point where you have to ask a little more of yourself.

No scope for learning

If you’re no longer gaining new skills and experience in the workplace, it suggests you need a change – whether that’s a new job or career is up to you. Should you fail to add new qualifications or develop practical skills over an extended period of time, it will leave a hole in your CV. This could make it more difficult to get a new job in the future, should you set your signs on a different role.

No rise in salary

If you’re continuing to bust a gut for your employer, but receiving little extra in return, it suggests you’ve been in the same job too long. By failing to secure a promotion or move to a different organisation, you risk under-selling your professional services. The longer you go without a decent pay rise, the greater the likelihood that you’re being underpaid.

No great opportunities for growth

If you’ve been in your position for that long with no promotion, then it’s probably not going to come, management likes you right where you are. You could also look at your Company’s growth potential, if there is not a career path you would consider to pursue in its pipeline, that is another sign you are ready for a change.

You feel undervalued

Everyone likes to be recognized and appreciated for the work they are doing week in and week out. If you are not getting the appreciation you know you deserve, why are you sticking around?

You’ve fallen out with your boss

Do you find it difficult to see eye-to-eye with your boss? If so, this could be a sign that you’re getting frustrated at work and your need a change. Perhaps, deep down, you think you could do their job better than they can. Where there are unresolvable tensions, impacting on your job satisfaction and performance.

You’ve become negative

You find yourself increasingly critical and perhaps a tad grumpy at times. There could be a number of reasons for this to be happening, but one sure reason for this that we see again and again is work stagnation.

In conclusion

If you are experiencing even a few of the above signs, take time to reflect on where you are now career wise and where you actually want to be. Work stagnation is one of the hardest situations to realise you are in and also one of the hardest to get out of. Don’t fall prey to it, you know you are better than that.

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